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The Cost of Turning Ashes into Customized Memorial Jewelry

Updated: May 11, 2023

A diamond isn't just a piece of jewelry or a precious gemstone. It is an heirloom for many, and people often have emotional values attached to them. A memorial diamond is considered more precious on the emotional front because of the cremation ashes of a dear one preserved for eternity inside them. A memorial diamond is perhaps the best way to always keep unforgettable souls near you.


How Much Is a Diamond?

Prices of diamonds generally depend on the cut, clarity, carat, and color. The cut and the purity decide the expense of buying a diamond. Lab-grown diamonds usually have similar quality as natural diamonds but cost nearly 10-50% less in price. This makes the latter more affordable to customers, even though the price can vary based on the clarity and cut in both cases.

The Price of a Natural Diamond

1 carat round, brilliant-cut diamond should cost $2,500 – $18,000. Natural diamond prices can vary hugely according to the shape, the clarity, and the cut. A 1-carat diamond can cost between $1,500 and $16,000. The latter represents an extremely well-cut diamond. Similarly, the cut, clarity, and color grade can make a 2-carat diamond cost from $5,000 to $80,000.

The Price of a Memorial Diamond

The cost of a memorial diamond includes manufacturing the diamond from cremation ashes in the lab, cutting, polishing the diamond, and providing the certification( inhouse certificate, GIA or IGI). Engraving costs can also add up to the price. The price will vary according to the color, carat, cut, and the company you choose.

LONITÉ™ memorial diamond costs $ 1,400 for a 0.25-carat Naturally Amber™ diamond. The price varies according to the color chosen by the client. Naturally, Amber™ color is the least expensive, while the Purely Colourless™ is the most expensive one even when the carat remains the same.

Is a Memorial Diamond a Real Diamond?

Yes, memorial diamonds are similar in physical, chemical, and optical properties to real diamonds. Like natural diamonds formed under the earth, memorial diamonds are manufactured in a laboratory using the same properties and are graded according to cut, clarity, color, and carat.

Also, GIA and IGI certifications prove the authenticity of cremation diamonds from hair.

How to Turn Ashes into Customized Memorial Diamond Jewelry?

Cremation Diamonds Are Physically, Optically and Chemically the Same as the Nature Diamonds.
Cremation Diamonds Are Physically, Optically and Chemically the Same as the Nature Diamonds.

It takes around 6 months to turn cremation ashes into memorial diamonds in the laboratory. However, additional 6 to 9 months are required to get the color, cut, and size you choose. GIA or IGI certification, laser inscription, and jewelry setting require added time.

Create a Memorial Diamond

Different companies creating a memorial diamond require different amounts of time. It depends on the process, materials, and technology used to create the diamonds. At LONITÉ™, a 0.25 to 0.50-carat diamond requires 12 to 18 months, needing 200g of ashes, or 300g of cremated bones, or 10g of hair.

Memorial diamonds are made from human cremation ashes or human hair in the laboratory using a complex process and treatment over a period of time to achieve the desired results.

  • Carbon Extraction and Purification

18% of the human body consists of carbon. Diamonds, too, are crystallized carbon compounds. Thus, it is possible to create diamonds from cremation ashes by extracting and purifying the carbon. Colorless memorial diamonds are made by removing the nitrogen from the carbon extracted from the ashes. The natural presence of nitrogen imparts an amber tinge to the diamonds.

The cremated ashes or hair is purified for 3 days to extract pure carbon (99.99%). The entire process needs around 5,000 minutes. The impurities are removed before the final step of turning the ashes into diamonds.

  • Diamond Growing Technology: HPHT

While natural diamonds form under the earth due to high temperatures and pressure over the years, the process is re-created in laboratory environments to create memorial diamonds. Extremely high temperature, nearly 3000K, and pressure up to 60,000 Bar are re-created to turn the extracted and purified carbon into diamonds. This process is known as the HPHT diamond growing technology (High Pressure, High Temperature).

A Tailor-Made Memorial Diamond Jewelry Prices

After the cremation diamond is created in the laboratory, clients can customize whether they wish to set the diamond in jewelry pieces. They can choose to set the diamond in a pendant, a finger ring, or earrings. It takes additional time and charges to set the memorial diamond in the form of personalized memorial jewelry by the client. The price of memorial diamond jewelry also depends on the shape, type, and weight of the base metal used to make the jewelry. The available options are silver, yellow gold, white gold, or platinum. Clients can also customize and submit their ideas and designs to create unique personalized memorial jewelry in memory of their dear ones.

Why Choose to Turn Ashes into Memorial Diamond Jewelry?

Preserving an unforgettable part of your family as a precious diamond forms a part of the family heirloom. Remembering the departed by keeping them close is the perfect way to carry them with you through every step of life. After all, people who have been the most precious to you deserve such a precious memorial.

Grief Healing

It isn't easy to accept the passing away of a parent or spouse and move on with life. Grief healing takes time, and people may never fully get over the pain of bidding farewell to their family members. The thought of never being able to see or touch the person is a lifelong feeling of grief.

A memorial diamond keeps the memories alive and helps a person feel attached to the deceased. It invokes positive emotions and helps them keep the remains of their dear ones close to their heart.

Emotional Bond

Even when people leave for their heavenly abode, we believe their souls always bless us. The emotional bond we share with our parents, children, spouses, or even pets is incomparable to anything else in the world. Even though the physical absence haunts us, such pure, unforgettable bonds cannot be severed by death.

Thus, we need an optimistic way to remember them and keep them close to us always. Turning the cremation ashes of your loved one into a precious memorial diamond allows you to carry them throughout your life and feel their presence close to you.

Family Heritage

A memorial diamond also stays in the family as a family heirloom. If you turn the ashes of your spouse into a memorial diamond, it stays in the family forever and keeps their memories alive. Your children, too, can keep the diamond for life as a memory of their late parent. You can choose a color that reminds you of the person's eyes or their favorite outfit. It's also possible to engrave the person's name on the diamond's edge.

Something as priceless as a memorial diamond gets passed on over generations, carrying it with the memories and stories of the person whose ashes have been preserved.

A Cremation Diamond Ring Will Accompany You for the Rest of Your Life and Become a Family Heirloom.
A Cremation Diamond Ring Will Accompany You for the Rest of Your Life and Become a Family Heirloom.

Creating personalized memorial jewelry is an emotional investment for life and your next generations. Memorial diamonds are as real as naturally mined diamonds, having the same brilliance and chemical properties. The price of lab-grown cremation diamonds is comparatively lesser than mined diamonds. However, the emotional connection with memorial diamonds is priceless due to whom they represent. Create your unique memorial diamond in remembrance of your most precious person in life.

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