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How Do You Cope with the Pain of Losing a Pet?

Updated: Nov 17, 2022


During one's life path, death is something inevitable and impossible to escape. One must accept that death exists and is there for us. Unfortunately, there is no escape from the laws of life. This applies to any living being, including our lovely pets. A memorial diamond can keep your best friend stay by your side.

Pets bring joy, fun, and companionship into our lives. A profound and sincere relationship develops through the daily interaction between the pets and owners. When the pet dies, it can become a traumatic thing for the owner. The strongest psychological pains due to the loss of a pet can last for a long time. It’s never easy.

Why Is It So Painful to Lose a Pet?

The pet is becoming part of its owner's life and a dearest family member. Time to say goodbye can be extremely painful and emotional. When your lovely pet leaves, the pain, the sorrow, and the sadness that follows are very as important as the loss of a human being, even if someone may not understand or agree with it.

There is no shame for any reason if you think you need professional help, such as from a psychologist or psychotherapist, to be able to get the cognitive tools to deal with this situation.

There are many ways to say goodbye with dignity to a beloved pet and to pay tribute to it. Also, often unknown to the general public, animal funeral services are now becoming more and more popular.

The Importance of Rituals

In an attempt to cope with the inevitable passage of death, man, from the birth of society to the present day, has developed and practiced a plethora of different rituals. The most popular rituals today are funerals and burials. There are also dozens of different burial methods that have diverse origins.

On the one hand, we find methods deeply rooted in the religious beliefs and faith of those who practice them; on the other hand, we find burial methods more related to a purely hygienic issue. Since the domestication of animals is an ancient process, which took root tens of thousands of years ago, it is hardly surprising that over the years, man has decided to apply these rituals to deal with the death of their lovely pets as well.

Cremation and Full Burial

The choice of burial or entombment for your pet is therefore the best way for the owners to deal with their grief. There are currently two main choices for pet burial: cremation and full burial.

Let's start with a full burial, which is a ritual deeply rooted in Christian culture. When we talk about full burial, we are talking about coffins, cemeteries, and headstones: a system that is centuries old and extremely common. It requires the presence in one's own municipality or nearby, of a special cemetery for animals.

The cremation of animals, on the other hand, is the equivalent of the normal cremation used for people. The body of a dog or cat (or even a horse) is placed in a special machine that burns the bodies to ashes, which are then collected in containers called funeral urns. It is up to the pet owner or family to decide what to do with the ashes. Turning ashes into diamonds has become more and more popular. This is where a particular burial method comes in. In recent years, the creation of a memorial diamond from the ashes has become increasingly popular.

How to Commemorate a Pet?

Pets Are Becoming Family Members in Modern Homes
Pets Are Becoming Family Members in Modern Homes

There are different ways to commemorate our lovely pets, like photographs, mementos, memorial trees, etc. Having something physical to remind you of your loved one, whether it is an animal or a human being, is a gentle and sensitive way to slowly ease the pain caused by absence. Whether it's a picture of the pet, an object belonging to the pet, or something else, like keeping a corner at home to remember the times they spent together. Of course, this does not replace the importance of funerals or farewells.

Memorial Diamond

Creating a memorial diamond is perhaps one of the best ways to remember the pets. The creation of a memorial diamond is done by companies like Lonite™. Highly customized services leave plenty of possibilities for personalization of the memorial diamonds from their pet.

Creating a diamond from ashes simply requires carbon, which can be extracted directly from ashes or furs. The process takes a few months but rewards patience with a piece of jewelry that symbolizes love.

The memorial diamond is a symbol of the memory of the lost pet. The diamond can be set inside a piece of jewelry, to be worn during the day, or it can be left in a jewelry store, as a symbolic resting place. The memorial diamond also known as the cremation diamond can become an integral part of a person's routine and it seems like the lovely pets stay with the owners forever.

Dogs, cats, horses, or any other type of animal can be the perfect companions for human beings. For some people, animals replace the children they never had or who passed away. Thanks to pets, life can become more interesting and beautiful.

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