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I Turned My Dad’s Ashes into a Diamond Necklace and Took It to My Wedding

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

I was heartbroken that my dad could not attend my wedding. He had passed just months before, and the pain of his death was still tangible. It hurts more knowing he wouldn’t be there to walk me down the aisle.

I spoke to my husband, and he helped me find a way to relieve my pain. He recommended taking my father’s ashes and turning them into a memorial diamond necklace. Then his spirit would be with me on my special day and forever in the future.


Father and I when I was still little.
Father and I when I was still little.

The Time to Say Goodbye to a Father Is Never Enough

My father was my first true superhero. I remember times as a young girl riding around on his shoulders. I was Robin, and he was Batman. I felt like both of us were invincible.

But something took him down - his kryptonite, if you will. Just days after my engagement, he was diagnosed with late-stage liver cancer. We all prayed that he would make it through to walk me down the aisle. But more than that, we hoped a miracle would occur and he would be cured. Neither of those dreams came true. His death came quickly and perhaps mercifully, leaving my entire family bereft.

At first, his death didn’t feel real. It was hard to accept. I went through all stages of grieving, but I’m unsure if acceptance was ever achieved. There was a hole in my heart that seemed as if it would never be filled. The funeral was a bittersweet affair. Seeing so many friends and relatives and sharing their memories was nice.

But after it was over, there was only blackness. We decided to cremate my father following his wishes. We were uncertain about what to do with his ashes, and he had no special requests. So they simply stayed on my dresser in their urn. That way, we could think about what to do with them.

I’m unsure if his ashes were supposed to comfort me, but they didn’t. Every time I saw them, it was a sad reminder that he was no longer with us and wouldn’t be there to walk me down the aisle at my wedding.

A Diamond Necklace Made from Ashes Offers Comfort

I was about to get married. It should have been the happiest time of my life. But all I could think about was how sad I was that my father wouldn’t be there to share my special moment.

Then my husband came up with a solution. He said he heard of creating a diamond from a person’s ashes. I could add the diamond to a necklace and wear it on my wedding day, so my father would be with me the whole time.

When I asked my husband who could help turn ashes into diamonds, he recommended a Swiss jewelry company called LONITÉ™️. They are known for their fine-certified cremation diamonds and high-quality jewelry work.

The process started with the company sending us a kit in which we would place the ashes and send the kit back to them. Once the ashes reached the lab, they underwent a carbon refinement process, removing moisture, pollutants, and other elements so only carbon remains. The carbon is then converted to graphite and placed in a high-pressure, high-temperature chamber to grow into a diamond. The staff sent me pictures of the process at various stages, so I knew exactly what was happening. Although I never met them, it was evident that they were warm and caring people. They provided me with a sense of comfort while I was grieving.

The nice thing about a diamond made from ashes is that it’s unique. Once the ashes are placed in the chamber to grow, there’s no telling the shape they will take or precisely how large the diamond will be. But one thing was guaranteed… the diamond would be like no other, just like my father. In addition, I have chosen to get the diamond certified by GIA. They are the real deal. The only difference between them and a minded diamond is how they are made and their origin.

After completing the diamond growth process, the company helped me cut and polish the diamond to the perfect round cut I ordered. They set the diamond safely in the necklace setting and metal I chose. I also had the option to engrave a message on my diamond necklace. I decided to engrave, “Dear Daddy, I will always be your little girl.”

The entire process took ten months, but it was worth it. When they told me the necklace had shipped, I was almost scared to see it. Would it be as perfect as I imagined? Would it be fitting to pay tribute to my dear old dad? But it came out even more beautiful than I imagined. It was a perfect colorless, round diamond in an exquisitely delicate setting. I cried when my husband helped me hang it around my neck.

The final product of the cremation diamond necklace.
The final product of the cremation diamond necklace.

I Wore the Diamond Necklace Made from My Dad’s Ashes to My Wedding

Although it took a while for the necklace to arrive, it still came two months before my wedding. I was relieved that my father could join me in spirit on my special day. I was tempted to wear the necklace every day. Putting it on brought me a deep sense of comfort. I felt like my father was reborn whenever it hung around my neck. But more than anything, I wanted to make wearing the necklace a particular part of my wedding day. So I kept it in the box that initially stored my dad’s ashes for safekeeping. Every so often, I would stare at it lovingly or put it on to feel my father’s spirit.

Finally, the day of my wedding arrived. My bridesmaids gathered around me as I got ready. But I let my husband put on the finishing touch. I tried to hold back the tears as he hung the diamond necklace from my father’s remains around my neck. I looked in the mirror and saw it was perfect for completing my wedding day attire. It caught the light perfectly, offering the right combination of glitz and delicacy.

My brother was the one to walk me down the aisle. But as we made our way to the altar, I felt my father’s presence. And I know that everyone in the room felt it too. As I faced my husband with saying our wedding vows, I looked out of the corner of my eye, and my father stood beside me. He gave me a smile and a reassuring nod. When I looked back, he was gone, but I knew his spirit was still there.

After the wedding, we danced the night away. Many guests came over to me to tell me how proud my father would have been if he had been there to see his little girl get married. I wanted to tell them he WAS there, but instead, I would respond by holding my necklace tight and feeling its warmth and comfort.

Colorless diamond necklace from Dad’s ashes.
Colorless diamond necklace from Dad’s ashes.

The Cremation Diamond Necklace Has Helped Me Heal

Ever since the wedding, I have not taken the necklace off. It is a keepsake that lets me know my father will be with me forever. When I looked at the time before the necklace came, it was filled with grief. I didn’t think I would ever heal. But now that I have the necklace, I feel like my father is born again. I take him with me wherever I go.

I am sharing my experience to let others know they can overcome grief by transforming their loved one’s ashes into cremation jewelry. It’s not just about having a piece of jewelry to wear. It’s about keeping the spirit of your beloved alive in a meaningful way. You will look at the jewelry and remember the happy memories. You will hold on to them for an eternity. And you will feel the joy you felt when you were around them.

Turning my father’s ashes into a diamond necklace was the best decision ever. It will keep my father with me for the rest of my life.

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